Tecline Undergarment TecLine 490 g/m


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TECLINE 3D MOBILITY series 490 warmers are designed for demanding people for diving in cold water. The production uses the most modern materials and technologies. A thoughtful and refined design ensures maximum freedom of movement and thermal comfort. Fleece insulating warming has been compressed so that it does not take up much space under the suit .Interval is a micropolar 200g / m2. External Pertex 40g / m2 – a thin, slip, breathable and very durable fabric. Insulation made of Fleece 250g / m2 – a modern material with exceptional thermal insulation properties. Three pockets, elastic astring at the legs. Stand that warms the neck. The double-sided zipper sealed from the inside with a pleat. Uncoated waistband. Elastic underarms. Adjustable braces. Tapes in the sleeves for easy dressing and allowing air to flow through dry gloves. Undersuits can be washed in an automatic washing machine and cleaned chemically.


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